Product Features
Ÿ The side grill is in luxurious rose gold finish stainless steel
Ÿ Anti finger print surface
Ÿ Provides optimal use of space & excellent access from both sides
Ÿ Partitions for bowl, cup & saucer, plate & thali also available for
these baskets
Ÿ The specially developed finish is anti corrosive & avoids the metal
parts from rusting under harsh conditions
Ÿ The special grade steel is resistant to house hold cleaners
Ÿ The ELXA series basket comes in 5 luxurious colours
Ÿ The basket are compatible with telescopic channels of all brands
Ÿ Quadro channel compatibility with Elxi quadro slides



Product Code Size(inches)
Basket 4 – Inches ED-372A-BK-15-4-RG 15x20x4
ED-372B-BK-17-4-RG 17x20x4
ED-372C-BK-19-4-RG 19x20x4
ED-372D-BK-21-4-RG 21x20x4
ED-372E-BK-24-4-RG 24x20x4
ED-372F-BK-28-4-RG 28x20x4
ED-372G-BK-32-4-RG 32x20x4


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