Special Features

  • Frame & baskets have height adjustment
  • The side rail is in satin mirror finish aluminium
  • The base of the basket is stainless steel.
  • Single pullout unit with option of 8 or 12 baskets
  • Ergonomically designed integrated mechanism automatically slides out the baskets on opening of the cabinet, making way for optimum reach
  • Smooth opening , soft closing, load capacity
  • Left hand & right hand compatible
  • Opening till 110 degree
  • The ELXA series pantry unit is available in 7 luxurious colours
  • Available width 450mm,600mm


Product/Size(mm) Code Product Dimension(mm)
8 – Baskets/450 EO-406A-PU-450-8-SM 385x485XH1200-1450
8 – Baskets/600 EO-406B-PU-600-8-SM 535x485XH1200-1450
12 – Baskets/450 EO-406C-PU-450-12-SM 385x485XH1940-2150
12 – Baskets/600 EO-406D-PU-600-12-SM 535x485XH1940-2150


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