Special Features
Ÿ Powder coated wooden finish on aluminum
Ÿ Allows the rich finish of wood to be preserved in applications
Ÿ Simple assembly, easy set up, excellent durability
Ÿ Newly designed integrated mechanism, can bear upto 45kgs load
Ÿ Ultra smooth, silent & effortless closing
Ÿ Full extension for direct access & good view
Ÿ 2 dimensional front adjustment
Ÿ Single & double railing options


Tandem Without Gallery ED-335A-TB-450-WD 450
ED-335B-TB-500-WD 500
ED-335C-TB-550-WD 550
Tandem Single Gallery ED-335D-TB-SG-450-WD 450
ED-335E-TB-SG-500-WD 500
ED-335F-TB-SG-550-WD 550
Tandem Double Gallery ED-335G-TB-DG-450-WD 450
ED-335H-TB-DG-500-WD 500
ED-335I-TB-DG-550-WD 550


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